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7 games for couples

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Gaming together can be a great way to spend an evening as a couple so let's take a look at some games that are fantastic and fun when played with two.

1. Battle Line

In Battle Line two players are competing for control of the battle field. This card game has nine pawns lined up across a table (representing flags on the Battle Line) on which you will play up to three cards in order to claim each one. The first to claim five of the nine or three in a row wins the game. There are 6 colors (suits) with values are 1-10. The rules are very similar to poker. As you play cards on the table you get a better idea of what's left in the deck and what cards your opponent may have. My wife doesn't like competitive games but loves this. That's mainly because the game is so well balanced it rarely happens where someone gets so far ahead that their opponent see no opportunity to win. You always seem to be just one card away from what you need to get an advantage.

2. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

If murder mysteries are something you both enjoy, don't miss out on Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. No game makes us feel more like we are putting on the famous deerstalker cap and holding up the magnifying glass or Britain's greatest detective. However, the game is afoot as the two of you work against Sherlock to try to solve the mystery first by following up on fewer clues that Holmes. You are given a mystery, a newspaper, a directory and a map of London and off you go to find a killer. These stories are incredibly written and fun to solve and you will find hours of fun discussing possibilities and following up on leads. There are three versions of the game each containing 10 cases. The brown box is a reprint of the original and red box has you trying to track down Jack the Ripper himself!

3. Fog of Love

Fog of Love is a bit hard to explain but it plays out like a romantic comedy. This is a lightly competitive game where you each are playing on one side of a couple and have to make choices that meet the needs of your character while fostering the relationship between this imaginary couple. The game will have you respond to a moment by selecting an option from the multiple choices. One example would be you go to your nephew's birthday party and have to pick out a gift. Does you character choose to buy him a snake because you know he'd love it and because this character has need to be loved and appreciated by his family? Or do you just get a birthday card (with a picture of a snake) because your partner doesn't like snakes and you guys are struggling for money. This game is best played by people who like to play out their part as it adds a lot to the simulated drama that comes in as the game progresses.

4. Pandemic and Pandemic: Legacy

Pandemic is a classic and a great way to spend an hour. It's so easy tp pick up and play yet feels like a tense game of saving the world from four viruses that are running rampant. This cooperative strategy game will have you working together to stop the spread of these diseasing while finding the cure. Almost ever game ends is what feels like a close call that will leave you both chomping at the bit to play again.

If you already have played and love Pandemic and you are looking something with more story and a strategy, Pademic: Legacy could be a better choice. This game will add depth to the story and rules of the base game of Pandemic every time you play. It's such a fun ride adapting to the new components, rules and developing story while trying to overcome the consequences of your past failures. While this game showcases some of the best experiences modern board gaming has to offer, keep in mind that because it is a legacy game you will not be able to replay it able completing the 12-24 game campaign.

5. Gloomhaven

My wife and I absolutely adore Gloomhaven. While it may not always be the easiest to get to the table, we have spent hours talking about how our characters will make choices as they explore the vast fantasy world outside the city of Gloomhaven. This massive cooperative RPG in a box will be over 100 hours of fun with you and that special someone. Play several characters over a massive campaign and have an experience that's unique because the world and narrative continues to evolve as you play. If you are looking for a board game experience that's a little like Dungeons & Dragons but doesn't require the need for a Dungeon Master, Gloomhaven is worth a look. See Prepare2Baord's full review of Gloomhaven here.

6. Codenames: Duet

While the original Codenames has a rule variant for two players, Codenames: Duet feels like the way the game was meant to be played. The rules are mostly the same except this time players take on the role of the spymaster and field operative simultaneously giving clues and guessing each turn. The two of you will work cooperatively to guess all the words while avoiding guessing the assassin words that will immediately cause you to lose. To give a clue, the spymaster will say one word followed by a number, for example "animal, three." This tells your partner to guess 3 words on the grid that relate to the word "animal." Play continues until all words have been guessed.

7. Eldritch Horror

In this Lovecraftian RPG monsters covering the globe are the harbingers of the Ancient Ones. These are evil gods trying to bring chaos to the world and destroy humanity. In this cooperative game, the two of you will take on the role of investigators with variable player powers allowing you to build strategies and roll handfuls of dice while using your wits and fists to stop the return of the Elder gods. This is a great choice for the couple that love the idea of a globetrotting action/adventure that feels a bit like the pulpy fun of an Indiana Jones movie.

Did we miss any of your favorite games for couples or two player games? Comment below!

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